Interactive Augmented Reality installation, built as a final project for the course "Culture and Digital Media".

The content of your everyday life is now on display for the world to consume and judge. My Augmented Place, is an art installation that’s meant to be a commentary on privacy in the modern age. It explores how our relationship with privacy has changed over time using digital assistants, Internet of Things devices and cloud based security cameras.

Developed in Unity engine, using the Vuforia API. The user can scan various AR markers position near smart devices and get information about privacy issues regarding these devices.

There is also a plot twist. By accepting the terms & conditions at the beginning of the session, the user permits the app to take photos of them in the background. These photos are sent to a face recognition API and various data about the user get extracted (age, facial features, etc). The extracted data are shown later to the user, alerting them about privacy issues than can occur at any time.

Made as a part of my Master's Degree studies at the University of the Aegean.

Technical Specs: Unity, Vuforia, Cinema 4D